Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get A Package With Only One Email Account For Me

Yes, you can get a just for you package with only one email account for you or your company. This you do with a custom domain name, like or or even

You can increase the number of email accounts for your domain by adding more to your subscription. And hey, you even get our free email application that will help you access emails from the web browser using your domain name

Webste development services
Get a website that's worth killing for.
How Much Is A Website

Well, it differs according to your specification. However, you can get a website for as little as 3,500 or even less depending on your need. The nature of website you need, the platform to use it on, and other factors will help to determine the cost of your site.

The packages range from most basic website to system type. Basic websites have basic features, with static content. However, our promise to our clients is, We only make stunning websites

How Do I Get Your Systems

For now you still have to call us and we discuss it. It's only for now

Our systems, whether you want a new one or an existing system, are mostly self-configuring. They basically know how to set themselves up, with just a little intervention from you. You do just little, and they will do the rest for you.

I Need A Website For My Wedding/Function

Get it instantly, only here.

That website can have a custom domain name, or can use our common domain name for like functions. Usually, in Lesotho, it is very hard to get these services, but with us, it is far easy.

The website is usually interactive, and people can RSVP from it, and you get messages by email or straight to your phone via SMS. And hey! We do videos, designs, invitation cards, programs, and such

Do You Sell Second Hand Computers

Yes, but only from trusted suppliers

If you want to sell your own, you can come to us. We won't buy it, but we'll help you sell it, and only if you have proper paperwork.

Computer Repairs
Suspicious your PC has a virus? Call us, we will sanitize it for you.
Do You Have Message Service

We have message service that you can use for plenty of business opportunities

We have bulk messaging service at very low cost. You register for free, you get a sending key for free, you even get our application for free! This application will help you send messages from your desktop.

Do You Do Blogging Sites

Yes, we can develop a blog for you

We can also guide you into DIY. The blog is normally in your name, showcasing your products and/or any information you want. We also develop e-commerce websites for your business